What is an Edible Dessert Image?

Have you ever been to a party or gathering and there was a personalized picture on the cake or dessert? That is an edible dessert image! Using sheets of frosting as the base, a special food coloring ink printer is used to put an image on the sheets. The sheets can then be used on many foods to create a unique experience. At Sweet Nothings Images, we help you create the perfect image to place on your dessert.

Just peel off the backing and position it on your freshly iced cake, cupcakes, cookies, and desserts for a one-of-a-kind design. You can also place them on lollipops, cake-pops, chocolate-dipped Oreo cookies, chocolate lollipops, cheesecakes, ice-cream cakes & giant frosted cookies! These can be applied to nearly any kind of icing, including fondant, and detailed instructions for applying the image to your dessert are included with every shipment.

Using Edible Dessert Images

The 1½” Circles are a perfect compliment to mini-cupcakes, or any small sized dessert. There are also many other uses for the smaller circles ~ your imagination is your limit!

Strips are a great way to easily add a design to the sides of your cake or use as ribbons. Pre-cut circles are an easy way to easily customize your cupcakes & cookies. You can have a design, text, photos, ~ anything you like. With the strips and circles (with the exception of the 1½” rounds), you can have all the custom edible pictures the same, or each one a different pattern or photo; the choice is yours.

Images are available in several size formats:SizeOptions

  • 8 x 10½ (¼ sheet)
  • 7½ round
  • One sheet of three (3) strips, each strip measuring 2½” x 10½”
  • One sheet of six (6) circles, each circle measuring 3″ round
  • One sheet of twelve (12) circles, each circle measuring 2″ round
  • One sheet of thirty (30) circles, each circle measuring 1½” round
  • One sheet of six (6) hearts, each heart measuring 3″

For your large-sized cakes/projects. I also offer the following:

  • 10″ x 16″ (1/2 sheet)
  • 9½” Round